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Facility manager:
 (supervising multi-disciplinary teams:  security, selection of taxi’s dancers and volunteers and  time table for shuttle. Also ensuring that basic facilities, such as water and heating, and ensuring cost-effectiveness)

Communication manager:
 (All about front office management, cooperation with another festivals, asking/receiving free full pass or reservation of a room for organizers, artists, proposal for the sponsoring, etc.).

DJ manager:
(Selection and booking of DJ’s, making the time table and supervision during the event)

Marketing manager:
(Selection and booking of artists for the workshops of show case, -promotors for viva kizomba festivals, -all activities within a festival's marketing, advertising and promotional, including an event marketing idea. Establishes brand guidelines and growth strategies, evaluate customer needs, and then develop creative event marketing ideas based on these goals).

General manager:
(Liaising and negotiating with hotels, updating the managers, Brainstorming and implementing event plans and concepts, Developing event feedback surveys, obtaining permits, Negotiating sponsorship deals, etc).